Packing Party 2019

SAMARITAN’S PURSE PACKING PARTY – TBA later (late OCT)– just start buying.

We are going to have a ‘packing party’ for our Life Group this year. It will be a lot of fun and perhaps  we can get lots of people involved and do a lot of boxes. We can still participate in the church-wide  packing party….more info on all of this later….just start BUYING!!!!

Also, cost to send each box -$9. Donations appreciated to offset shipping costs. Winter people might consider helping in this way. Also, those who can’t fill boxes, donations accepted to purchase necessary items/shipping.  (Give to Patti Mayer/Kay Whitney)*** 

So, we need to start thinking of items NOW….especially since school supplies are on sale and starting        Friday Aug 2 – Aug 6 is tax FREE week….great time to purchase just about anything that will fit into                 a  shoe box. t-shirts, underwear, socks are always good items, We will give a more complete list later.

Remember, NO liquids – including toothpaste, no candy, etc.

Be on the look out for ‘gently used’ toys, dolls, etc.