Mayer Life Group Lessons

Explore the Bible – Luke 10-24

(The Good News according to Luke)

Bible study and exploration – Spring 2021  (13 weeks)

Notes: Truth seems to be a rare commodity at times. We don’t know exactly who to trust or what to trust. We may not even trust ourselves at times when it comes to the truth. How many times have we failed to tell the truth for fear of getting labeled, of being questioned, or worse?

Remember the times we failed to tell the truth? Luke tells us of Peter being in the same boat, failing to tell the truth as Jesus faced a tribunal. We are told about a criminal who discovered the truth while being executed. We find a group of women who found the truth in the form of an empty tomb. Peter also discovered that same tomb and was commissioned to tell that truth in the future.

During our study of Luke 10–24, we will examine these encounters and others as people sought the truth. We will discover along with them that Jesus is the Truth and He offers Himself to any who will believe in Him. Our prayer is that we will have our faith affirmed and strengthened so that we too can know the truth with confidence and boldness.

Lesson TitleCore PassagesLesson DateTeacher
1.Neighbors?(Luke 10:25-37)3/07/21Jim
2.Celebrate?(Luke 15:20-32)3/14/21Craig
3.Worthy?(Luke 18:9-17)3/21/21Jim
4.Worshiped(Luke 19:29-40)3/28/21Jim
5.Resurrected *(Luke 24:1-12)4/04/21EASTER – Mark
6.Sinners?(Luke 19:1-10)4/11/21Mark
7.Cornerstone(Luke 20:9-19)4/18/21Mark
8.Remembered(Luke 22:7-20)4/25/21Craig
9.Willing(Luke 22:41-53)5/02/21Ed
10.Denied(Luke 22:54-62)5/09/21Bill
11.Sacrificed(Luke 23:33-46)5/16/21Bob
12.Revealed(Luke 24:18-31)5/23/21Bill
13.Commissions(Luke 24:36-49)5/30/21Bob

 * Evangelistic emphasis


     In his Gospel, Luke highlighted Jesus’ great love for all people— especially Gentiles, the poor, women, social outcasts, and those labeled by society as sinners. For this reason, the Gospel of Luke has been called “the Gospel of the underdog.” Ultimately, Luke’s Gospel is a testimony about God the Son as He took on human flesh and became the Son of Man. As the Son of Man, He walked among humanity, experienced love and hate, suffered rejection and death, and rose victoriously to offer salvation to whomever would repent, believe, and receive Him. This is the good news according to Luke—indeed a message of great joy for all people.