Mayer Life Group Lessons

Explore the Bible – Genesis

(God created all that is, including humans who bear His image.)

Bible study and exploration – Winter 2024  (13 weeks)

 Notes:  While all of God’s Word reveals who He is and what He is like, Genesis lays important groundwork. This quarter we will study God’s design for all He has created and His plans for His people. God’s character shines through these initial pages of Scripture. He is creative, holy, and merciful. God makes promises, then faithfully keeps them. Studying Genesis gives us a front row seat to learn about God and His relationship to His people. And knowing God, getting deeper glimpses into who He is, makes us hopeful for what’s to come.


Lesson TitleCore PassagesLesson DateTeacher
1.The First WeekGenesis 1:1-5, 26–2:312-03-23
2.The First CoupleGenesis 2:7-9,15-2512-10-23
3.The First SinGenesis 3:1-7, 21-2412-17-23
4.The First ChristmasLuke 2:1-1512-24-23NO Life Group
5.The First MurderGenesis 4:1-1512-31-23
6.JudgmentGenesis 6:13-22; 7:20-241-07-24
7.Land!Genesis 8:10-221-14-24
8.ProtectGenesis 9:1-151-21-24
9.StalledGenesis 11:1-91-28-24
10.PromisedGenesis 12:1-5a; 13:11-182-04-24
11.Impatience *Genesis 15:1-6; 16:1-62-11-24
12.EstablishedGenesis 17:1-10, 15-192-18-24
13.PurgedGenesis 19:12-262-25-24

*Evangelistic Emphasis

 In Genesis 1–19, God pulls back the curtain and reveals humanity’s origin story in vivid detail. We see the first days, the first marriage, and the first family. We also see the first sin—and how that single sin opened the door to injustice and depravity on a global scale.