Mayer Life Group Lessons

Explore the Bible – Amos, Jonah, Hosea, & Micah

(Ordinary men God used in extraordinary ways)

Bible study and exploration – Fall 2022  (13 weeks)

 Notes:  In Amos, Jonah, Hosea, and Micah, we find four ordinary men whom God used in extraordinary ways. Amos was a shepherd who understood the need for sheep to obediently follow the Shepherd. Jonah was a reluctant voice, used by God despite his prejudices and bitterness. Hosea’s painful family life became his message; who else could have understood the impact of sin or what the grace behind forgiveness looked like better than he? And Micah was from a rural area, what we might call “the country,” but he would point toward a perfect King who would come from another nondescript village named Bethlehem. 


Lesson TitleCore PassagesLesson DateTeacher
1.Listen to God  (Amos 2:4-16)9-04-22Jim
2.Turn to God(Amos 4:1-13)9-11-22Jim
3.Seek God(Amos 5:4-15)9-18-22Jim
4.Hope in God(Amos 9:5-15)9-25-22Jim
5.No Escape(Jonah 1:15-2:10)10-02-22Mark
6.No Compassion(Jonah 4:1-11)10-09-22Bob
7.The Unfaithful Bride(Hosea 1:2-9; 3:1-5)10-16-22Mark
8.The Hollow Promises(Hosea 6:1-7:2)10-23-22Craig
9.The Sin Harvested(Hosea 10:5-15)10-30-22Craig
10.The Restoration Promised (Hosea 14:1-9)11-06-22Bill
11.Leaders Needed(Micah 3:1-12)11-13-22Bill
12.Humble Beginnings(Micah 4:6-8; 5:1-9)11-20-22Bob
13.Hope Found(Micah 7:1-10,18-20)11-27-22Mark

* Evangelistic emphasis


     These men remind us that God takes sin seriously, and it will not be ignored. They also remind us that God offers forgiveness to those who turn to Him in repentance. As we study the messages of these four men, we will understand our need to turn to God. We will also understand that God can use us to call our world back to Him.