Mayer Life Group Lessons


Bible study and exploration – Spring 2024  (13 weeks)

 Notes:  In Genesis 20–50, we read of God’s relationship with His people. God’s character is revealed through His actions and purposes, offering us a clear understanding of His identity and nature. We see His heart for people and His willingness to extend mercy; through it all we see His trustworthiness. Simply, God does what He says He will do. What began as a promise to Abram in Genesis 12 unfolds in unexpected ways that only God could have orchestrated. Through it all, His faithfulness is unmistakable.


Lesson TitleCore PassagesLesson DateTeacher
1.A SubstituteGenesis 22:1-143-03-24
2.Guidance NeededGenesis 24:12-20,24-273-10-24
3.A DeceiverGenesis 27:18-303-17-24
4.A StairwayGenesis 28:10-223-24-24 
5.Believe! *John 20:1-173-31-24
6.BlessedGenesis 30:25-34,41-434-07-24
7.WrestledGenesis 32:22-324-14-24
8.RenewedGenesis 35:1-154-21-24
9.DreamerGenesis 37:5-8,18-284-28-24
10.AccusedGenesis 39:7-215-05-24
11.RevealedGenesis 41:14-20,33-375-12-24
12.ReconcileGenesis 45:1-155-19-24
13.Revenge?Genesis 50:15-265-26-24

*Evangelistic Emphasis


     The focus on Abraham’s family isn’t just for entertainment purposes, though. God inspired Moses to share these biographical narratives for a very significant reason. Those twelve sons of Jacob—the offspring of Abraham—were the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. And, through the nation of Israel, God later provided the greatest gift in the world, His Son, Jesus Christ.

Lesson TitleCore PassagesLesson DateTeacher
1.The First WeekGenesis 1:1-5, 26–2:312-03-23
2.The First CoupleGenesis 2:7-9,15-2512-10-23
3.The First SinGenesis 3:1-7, 21-2412-17-23
4.The First ChristmasLuke 2:1-1512-24-23NO Life Group
5.The First MurderGenesis 4:1-1512-31-23
6.JudgmentGenesis 6:13-22; 7:20-241-07-24
7.Land!Genesis 8:10-221-14-24
8.ProtectGenesis 9:1-151-21-24
9.StalledGenesis 11:1-91-28-24
10.PromisedGenesis 12:1-5a; 13:11-182-04-24
11.Impatience *Genesis 15:1-6; 16:1-62-11-24
12.EstablishedGenesis 17:1-10, 15-192-18-24
13.PurgedGenesis 19:12-262-25-24

*Evangelistic Emphasis

 In Genesis 1–19, God pulls back the curtain and reveals humanity’s origin story in vivid detail. We see the first days, the first marriage, and the first family. We also see the first sin—and how that single sin opened the door to injustice and depravity on a global scale.