Mayer Life Group Lessons

Mayer Life Group Lessons

Explore the Bible – John

(Jesus is the Son of God, come to earth, God in flesh, to pay for our sins)

Bible study and exploration – Winter 2023  (13 weeks)

 Notes:  Mark recorded Peter’s recollections about Jesus. Luke shared what he gleaned from interviews with eyewitnesses to the events surrounding Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. Matthew, an eyewitness, shared what he knew and saw. It appears that John wrote his account after Matthew, Mark, and Luke. While the others wrote more of a chronological account, John focused his attention on stories that revealed Jesus as the Christ, the promised Messiah. John even let us know that there were more stories that he could have told but chose not to include (John 21:25). We can find some of those in the other Gospel accounts. John was writing to help his readers go deeper into the story so that they would believe in Jesus.


Lesson TitleCore PassagesLesson DateTeacher
1.In the Beginning          (John 1:1-14)12-04-22Jim
2.Come and See (John 1:40-51)12-11-22Jim
3.I Will Raise                  (John 2:11-23)12-18-22Jim
4.You Will Find               (Luke 2:1-15)12-25-22– No Classes Today –
5.Everyone Who Believes * (John 3:4-18)1-01-23Jim
6.But Whoever Drinks    (John 4:11-26)1-08-23Mark
7.Pick Up Your Mat        (John 5:5-16)1-15-23Mark
8.I Am the Bread            (John 6:26-40)1-22-23Craig
9.He Sent Me                  (John 7:14-29)1-29-23Craig
10.I Am the Light              (John 8:3-18)2-05-23Bill
11.You Have Seen Him     (John 9:24-38)2-12-23Bob
12.I Know My Own           (John 10:7-14, 25-30)2-19-23Bill
13.I Am the Resurrection (John 11:32-46)2-26-23Bob

* Evangelistic emphasis


     In the months ahead, we will be looking at the stories John did include in his Gospel. Some of these stories only appear in his account, helping us get a deeper understanding of the identity of Jesus. Our prayer is that we will get a fresh glimpse of Jesus during this study and gain confidence that He is the promised Messiah who came to offer us abundant life.

     These men remind us that God takes sin seriously, and it will not be ignored. They also remind us that God offers forgiveness to those who turn to Him in repentance. As we study the messages of these four men, we will understand our need to turn to God. We will also understand that God can use us to call our world back to Him.