After reading this letter be sure to scroll down to watch the trailer.

“Gosnell” is a movie that several of us went to see this past weekend. It is based on a true story. We highly recommend this movie. As you know we are in a spiritual battle and the following letter will illuminate this battle.

At the end of the letter, the producer urges us to contact various media companies to remind them that many private citizens have donated to make this film a reality and exposes in the light what was done in the darkness. The movie is appropriate for teens as well as adults. It is not condemning but simply reports what Dr. Gosnell did for over 30 years that did not help women but hurt them. We think you will like it.

We have had the first weekend of the Gosnell Movie in theaters and despite an unprecedented media blackout that saw nearly every mainstream and film publication refusing to review it, we surpassed box office expectations this weekend coming in at #12 overall. We were the #1 independent film as well as #5 per screen average, beating most studio backed movies.

This success has sent a message to Hollywood that there is an appetite for the truth at the movies.

However we need your help. We have not quite hit the level where we can guarantee a long run in the theaters – we are nearly there. People will be robbed off the chance to see the film unless we have an upswing in attendance. So find a theater near you and go see it today.

This has been because of the shocking level of censorship by the mainstream media. We have received almost no reviews despite opening in almost 700 theaters across the country.

The figures are stark. The mainstream media aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore. We received just 6 reviews and just two of them were in mainstream outlets.

Compare this to the figures for all the other movies opening this weekend:
First Man – 280 reviews
Bad Times at the El Royale – 150 reviews
Goosebumps – 47 reviews
Beautiful Boy – 69 reviews
Happy Prince – 60 reviews

And we had just 6 and still we were right up there with these studio backed films. So we need your help to turn this around and make sure the coverup stops now. Remember the authorities covered up his crimes for years – leaving him free to kill hundreds of women and children. Then the media refused to cover his trial because they didn’t want to shine a negative spotlight on abortion. So here’s what you can do.

Contact these companies publicly on Twitter and Facebook and demand they review the @GosnellMovie:

New York Times – @nytimes, @nytimesarts,

New York Post – @nypost

BuzzFeed – @BuzzFeed

The Hollywood Reporter – @THR

Entertainment Weekly – @EW

Variety – @Variety, @Variety_Film

The Huffington Post – @HuffPost

Rotten Tomatoes- @rottentomatoes

IndieWire – @IndieWire

New York Daily News – @NYDailyNews

The Wrap – @TheWrap

Vanity Fair – @VanityFair

The Daily Beast – @thedailybeast

Deadline – @Deadline

Tell them you were one of 30,000 people who donated money to see the Gosnell Movie get made and ask them clearly why haven’t they reviewed this movie that launched in almost 700 theaters.

There are 30,000 people here – if we write to them and shame them in public – we can ensure this film is reviewed and a huge number of people will see and be changed by the truth.

Thank you,

Phelim, Ann and Magdalena